Consumer Awareness Program

Details To Be Seen On Package Commodities

Consumer Awareness Program

Don't Pay More Than MRP & Check Expiry Date

Consumer Awareness Program

Use Of Correct Weights & Measures

Package registration

Maintenance of accuracy in all weights Measures used in Trade, Commerce Industry

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Issuing Licenses

To ensure correct quantities for the prices paid

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Protection of Consumer Interest.

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Verification and stamping

To ensure correct weighment of farm produced in sale transaction

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For All (i) New Licenses [Manufacturer | Dealer | Repairer] OR
(ii) New Registration Certificates [Manufacuter_Packer | Importer] OR
(iii) New / Renewal Of Verification & Stamping Certificate
Please Visit The Site : MAITRI
{ If Any License / Registration Certificate Has Been Obtained From Vaidhmapan & Want To Apply For Other License / Registration Certificate Then Please Do Not Use The Same Username (Vaidhmapan's) In Maitri Portal }

License Auto Renewal Services Is Made Available & Licensees Can Avail This Service From 1st Of November, 2023

If Any Licensee Applies For Renewal Of His/Her License After 30/11/2023 Then 50% Of License Fee Will Be Added As Late Fee To The Regular License Fee.

During Renewal Period [01/11/23 - 31/12/23] If Any License Has To Be Amended, Please Renew The License First & Then Go For Amendment

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